“Time splitter” (2024) by Helene Mantei

Artwork Information

Title"Time splitter"
ArtistHelene Mantei
MediumAcrylic on Canvas

About "Time splitter"

“Time Splitter” is an evocative artwork created by Helene Mantei in 2024. Rendered using acrylic on canvas, this piece spans the dimensions of 23.6×31.5 inches. The artwork is best classified within the landscape genre, employing a semi-abstract style that captures the imagination and pushes the boundaries of traditional landscape art.

The artwork presents a striking composition that juxtaposes celestial bodies with a terrestrial landscape. Multiple spherical forms, invoking the presence of moons or planets, dominate the celestial horizon, each varying in size and luminescence. Their surfaces are rendered meticulously, with careful attention to the play of light and shadow, giving them a tactile, almost ethereal quality. One gets the sense that these orbs are frozen in a moment of silent orbit, timeless within the pictorial space.

These celestial elements are bound by angular, geometric planes that segment the composition, suggesting a multiplicity of dimensions or perhaps the fragmentary nature of time itself. These sharp divides yield a sense of dynamism and motion, as though the viewer is witnessing the unfolding of cosmic events that defy the conventional fluidity of space.

Clusters of stars are scattered across the deep blues and purples of the expansive sky, further enhancing the otherworldly feel. The use of color is both bold and nuanced, with warm and cool tones that create an atmospheric depth, drawing the observer into a realm of contemplation.

In the lower portion of the artwork, the tranquility of a reflective body of water brings a grounding contrast to the cosmic spectacle above. It mirrors the fiery hues of a setting or rising sun, a familiar terrestrial anchor in an otherwise surreal tableau. This blend of the familiar and the fantastical characterizes the artist’s semi-abstract approach, which invites interpretation while providing just enough referential form to guide the viewer’s perceptions.

Overall, “Time Splitter” by Helene Mantei is an alluring synthesis of form, color, and conceptual depth that resonates with the enigmatic beauty of the universe and the passage of time.

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