Timeless (2016) by Tanja Vetter

Timeless - Tanja Vetter - 2016

Artwork Information

ArtistTanja Vetter
MediumAcrylic on Canvas

About Timeless

The artwork titled “Timeless” is a creation by artist Tanja Vetter, completed in the year 2016. This piece is an acrylic on canvas and measures 19.7 by 27.6 inches. It falls within the landscape genre and exhibits characteristics of the surrealism art movement.

“Timeless” is a vibrant and expressive artwork with a feast of colors playing across the canvas. In the center, there are two figures seated in a small boat; their forms are rendered with loose and dynamic brushstrokes that convey movement and vitality. They appear to be rowing, as suggested by the oar strokes rippling through the thick, swirling patterns on the water’s surface. Reflection and refraction are explored through the mirrored and distorted colors that blend and interact with the figures and their surroundings, creating an almost dreamlike or otherworldly ambiance. This interaction between light, color, and form, and the distortion of space and perspective, are indicative of the surrealism movement’s influence on Vetter’s approach, as she transcends traditional boundaries to capture the essence of timelessness and emotion.

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