To Russia, Asses and Others (1911) by Marc CHAGALL

To Russia, Asses and Others - Marc CHAGALL - c.1912

Artwork Information

TitleTo Russia, Asses and Others
ArtistMarc CHAGALL
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions156 x 122 cm
Art MovementCubism
Current LocationGeorges Pompidou Center, Paris, France
Location Created Paris, France

About To Russia, Asses and Others

The artwork titled “To Russia, Asses and Others” is an oil on canvas painting by Marc Chagall, crafted around the year 1912. The piece, a quintessential embodiment of the Cubist art movement, measures 156 by 122 centimeters and is categorized under the symbolic painting genre. The creation of this artwork took place in Paris, France, and it currently resides within the esteemed collection of the Georges Pompidou Center, located in the same city.

The artwork by Chagall is a vivid example of his unique fusion of Cubism with a rich personal iconography. Dominated by bold colors, the painting depicts a jumble of figures and a dynamic interpretation of reality, featuring a red-hued bull, which is centrally positioned, and a greenish frog-like figure on a cube-form platform. Above, a humanoid form with multiple limbs, eyes, and colors seems to express a sense of motion and emotion. On the right side of the canvas, a blue orb adorned with geometric patterning sits atop a conical base. The backdrop features an interplay of dark and light areas, complemented by abstract shapes that contribute to the overall sense of disorientation and dream-like narrative. The interplay of objects and figures in the painting creates a tapestry of symbols which may speak to themes like nostalgia, folklore, or identity, all of which were integral to Chagall’s artistic vision. The painting, while emblematic of the Cubist tendency to fracture perspective and form, is equally imbued with a unique lyrical quality that defines Chagall’s approach to modern art.

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