To the Morning Star (1968) by Mordecai Ardon

To the Morning Star - Mordecai Ardon - 1968

Artwork Information

TitleTo the Morning Star
ArtistMordecai Ardon
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions128.3 x 119.4 cm
Art MovementAbstract Art
Current LocationPrivate collection

About To the Morning Star

The artwork titled “To the Morning Star,” created by artist Mordecai Ardon in 1968, is an oil on canvas belonging to the Abstract Art movement. It measures 128.3 by 119.4 centimeters and can be classified as a cloudscape genre painting. As of the latest known information, the artwork’s whereabouts are in a private collection.

“To the Morning Star” by Ardon is characterized by a deep, primarily dark blue palette that invokes the feeling of twilight or the approach of dawn. The composition is dominated by a cluster of colorful, geometrical shapes at the lower section resembling illuminated structures or perhaps an abstract representation of a cityscape or landmass seen from afar. Above these vibrant shapes, the canvas is filled with a more subtle, ethereal array of forms that hint at the sky or an unfolding cosmos, resonating with the concept of the Morning Star as a celestial body greeting the dawn. The use of fragmented color and the contrast between the bright, lively region at the base and the brooding expanse suggests a transition from night to day or the awakening of light within darkness. The overall effect is of a mystical and dreamlike vision that evokes an emotional and contemplative response, characteristic of Ardon’s intent to blend the physical world with the spiritual in his abstract expressions.

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