Tree in the farm yard (1874; France) by Paul Gauguin

Tree in the farm yard - Paul Gauguin - 1874; France

Artwork Information

TitleTree in the farm yard
ArtistPaul Gauguin
Date1874; France
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Tree in the farm yard

The artwork titled “Tree in the farm yard” is a creation of the distinguished artist Paul Gauguin, crafted in 1874 in France. This piece is executed with oil on canvas and is aligned with the Impressionist movement, which is indicative of its style. The genre of the artwork is landscape, and it presently resides within a Private Collection, away from public exhibition.

The artwork presents a rustic and serene depiction of a rural scene. At the heart of the composition stands a verdant tree, its foliage portrayed with brisk strokes of greens and browns that capture the light and movement quintessential to the Impressionist technique. The background hints at a farmhouse with a subdued red hue, indicating the presence of human habitation within the pastoral setting. The foreground may suggest a yard or agricultural land, painted with gestures that give a sense of the earth’s texture.

Gauguin’s use of light and shadow demonstrates his ability to evoke the essence of the natural environment. Despite the work’s relatively smaller dimensions and seemingly simple subject matter, Gauguin’s treatment of the tree—notably the intricate play of color and light across its leaves and branches—shows a remarkable ability to convey the vibrant life of the landscape, a hallmark of the Impressionist movement. The atmosphere of tranquil domesticity is palpable, inviting viewers to ponder the bucolic lifestyle away from the burgeoning urban centers of the time. Overall, “Tree in the farm yard” is a testament to Gauguin’s early engagement with Impressionism and his skillful rendering of the natural world.

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