Trees and Barns Bermuda (1917) by Charles Demuth

Trees and Barns Bermuda - Charles Demuth - 1917

Artwork Information

TitleTrees and Barns Bermuda
ArtistCharles Demuth
MediumWatercolor over pencil on paper
Dimensions9 1/2 x 13 7/16 in (24.1 x 34.1 cm)
Art MovementPrecisionism
Current LocationWilliams College Museum of Art, Williamstown, Massachusetts
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About Trees and Barns Bermuda

Charles Demuth’s watercolor on paper, “Trees And Barns: Bermuda,” created in 1917, is a masterpiece of Precisionism. The painting measures 9 1/2 x 13 7/16 inches and is framed at 21 1/4 x 25 5/16 x ​​1 1/4 inches. Demuth was an American painter born in Pennsylvania in the late nineteenth century known for his unique style blending abstraction and realism.

In this particular painting, the artist employs a personal take on cubism to depict two red barns among verdant woods which make an interesting juxtaposition. The picture acquires a captivating quality as level planes meet through the composition compelling the viewer into deciphering what lies beyond these red barns hidden by ornate trees. The intersections of lines themselves become shapes as geometric details are prominent throughout much of Demuth’s artwork.

“Trees And Barns: Bermuda” can be viewed at the Baltimore Museum of Art; however, not currently available for purchase. Additionally, other paintings by Charles Demuth include Sail: In Two Movements, Lancaster Machinery Incense of a New Church Dove (Arthur G. Dove), I Saw the Figure Five in Gold (William…). For those interested in purchasing art online or researching additional works from Demuth’s collection similar to “Bermuda: Tree” and “Bermuda: Rooftops through Trees”, USEUM and Amazon offer reliable platforms.

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