Triad of King Menkaure by Egyptian Art

Triad of King Menkaure - Egyptian Art -

Artwork Information

TitleTriad of King Menkaure
ArtistEgyptian Art
Dimensions96 cm
Current LocationEgyptian Museum, Cairo

About Triad of King Menkaure

The Triad of Menkaure is a renowned statue depicting King Menkaure standing between goddess Hathor and goddess Bat. It is part of a larger complex built by Menkaure himself, featuring the smallest of the three Pyramids of Giza. The sculpture is known for its realism, excellence, and austere beauty, making it one of the most emblematic works of the Cairo Museum. Menkaure’s facial features are remarkably individualized, and he wears the crown of Upper Egypt and has a false beard.

The Hare-Hathor-Menkaure triad provides an interesting complication of the king’s central role in the Egyptian state and cosmos. The sculpture stood out for its stunning examples of sculpture, making it the most important piece of the entire set of statues found in the vicinity of the Giza temple. Further illustrating the importance of Menkaure as a ruler and a divine figure, the statue of Menkaura and queen is the epitome of kingship and the ideal human male form.

The Triad of Menkaure remains a testament to the artistic and cultural achievement of ancient Egypt, showcasing the skillful representation of the deities, king’s role, and personalization of facial features. Its significance lies in the fact that it provides an insight into the aspirations and beliefs of the ancient Egyptians, shaping their view of the afterlife and the divine. The sculpture continues to attract admirers from all over the world, eager to appreciate the beauty and complexity of this masterful artwork.

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