Tribute Money (c. 1424-28) by Masaccio

Tribute Money - Masaccio - c. 1424-28

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TitleTribute Money
Datec. 1424-28
Current LocationBrancacci Chapel, Florence

About Tribute Money

The Holy Trinity, painted on the walls of Santa Maria Novella in Florence, is one of Masaccio’s most famous frescoes. The painting depicts a holy trinity including God, Mary and Jesus beside two patrons, Benedetto and Giovanni di Buonagiunta. Set against an architectural space and colossal figures, Masaccio’s realistic depiction of light in the painting was seen as revolutionary at the time.

The work showcases Masaccio’s innovation of linear perspective and chiaroscuro technique in the painting – a style which he is highly praised for today. The Crucifixion Of St Peter and The Beheading Of St John The Baptist were other masterpieces by Masaccio painted between 1426-1428. These works further demonstrated his mastery of emotion-filled figures placed within settings with intricate details illustrating architecture and landscape.

Through his use of clever symbolism and meaningful representation, Masaccio was able to capture the Renaissance period beautifully through his artwork. From his passion-filled style, we are still able to comprehend what it would have been like to live in Florence during this time period. Even after centuries since its creation, this artwork continues to cause viewers awe through its strong visual elements that remain ever so relevant today.

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