Trinity (Detail of Mary) (1427-28) by Masaccio

Trinity (Detail of Mary) - Masaccio - 1427-28

Artwork Information

TitleTrinity (Detail of Mary)
Dimensions21' 10 1/2" x 10' 4 7/8" (6.67 x 3.17 m)
Current LocationSanta Maria Novella, Florence

About Trinity (Detail of Mary)

Masaccio’s fresco, “The Holy Trinity”, is an iconic artwork of the Renaissance period that can be found in the Dominican Church of Santa Maria Novella in Florence. It displays the Trinity, the Virgin, and Saint John in its key figures. Masaccio was the first painter of Renaissance to integrate linear perspective into his art, which can be seen in this masterpiece. The painting is considered an advanced development with its use of full perspective, setting a benchmark for artists that followed.

The draped clothing worn by the figures emulates classical philosophers, and their poses are reflective of classical statues. Mary is depicted as mourning and is pointing to Christ as the pathway to salvation. Masaccio wrote about free-standing altars, and the Trinity was one of his last paintings in his short career and lifetime.

In “The Holy Trinity”, Masaccio created an engaging artwork that opened artists’ eyes to new approaches to art. It reflects the perfect harmony of space, architecture, and mathematics, all of which demonstrate the mastery of Renaissance art.

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