Trinity (Detail of Saint John) (1427-28) by Masaccio

Trinity (Detail of Saint John) - Masaccio - 1427-28

Artwork Information

TitleTrinity (Detail of Saint John)
Dimensions21' 10 1/2" x 10' 4 7/8" (6.67 x 3.17 m)
Current LocationSanta Maria Novella, Florence

About Trinity (Detail of Saint John)

Masaccio’s Holy Trinity artwork was created between 1425 and 1427 and is located in the Dominican church of Santa Maria Novella in Florence. The painting features Brunelleschi’s discovery, linear perspective, and incorporates both spiritual symbolism and a “trompe l’oeil” located in the archway of the fresco. It was commissioned by the Lenzi Family for their mausoleum and is considered to be a real masterpiece.

The painting depicts Jesus Christ on the cross and God the Father, and Masaccio relied heavily on religious themes throughout his career. The use of structure and light were innovative and entirely new, adding a new dimension to the depiction of religious themes. These elements made an advanced step forward that inspired many subsequent artists to look differently at art.

Masaccio’s Holy Trinity is a significant contribution to the art world, with its advanced use of perspective and impactful representation of religious themes. It remains a popular subject of study and admiration for art enthusiasts and scholars alike.

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