Triple generation (1760 – 1769) by Francisco Goya

Triple generation - Francisco Goya - 1760 - 1769

Artwork Information

TitleTriple generation
ArtistFrancisco Goya
Date1760 - 1769
Dimensions79 x 55 cm
Art MovementRomanticism

About Triple generation

The artwork titled “Triple Generation,” attributed here to Francisco Goya, supposedly dates from the 1760s, a time when Goya would have been a very young man. The painting is said to be crafted in the Romanticism movement, measuring 79 by 55 centimeters, and is classified as a genre painting.

Upon observing the artwork, one is immediately struck by the representation of religious iconography. The composition prominently features a celestial figure enveloped in a richly hued cloud, extending his hands in a gesture of blessing or guidance with cherubic figures surrounding him. Below this divine scene, earthly beings are gathered, their expressions conveying a mix of reverence and contemplation. Central to the lower portion of the composition is a female figure, likely the Virgin Mary, holding an infant—presumably the Christ child—with an air of maternal fortitude and serenity. To her right, a bearded man, possibly Saint Joseph, stands devoutly with clasped hands and a shepherd’s staff, gazing upward in a posture of solemn prayer or adoration.

The tonal palette of the artwork features warm, luminous shades that cast a celestial glow on the figures, creating an aura of sanctity. Dynamic contrasts between light and shadow are skillfully employed to enhance the three-dimensionality of the figures and evoke a sense of spiritual revelation. The interaction of the figures and their respective positioning allude to the continuation of holy lineage, anchoring the narrative in a moment of divine intersection between heaven and earth.

It’s worth noting that there is a potential misattribution or error here as the style and features of the artwork seem inconsistent with Francisco Goya’s known works and timeline. The content, technique, and aesthetic suggest it may be the work of a different artist or from a different period.

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