Triple Self-Portrait (1960) by Norman Rockwell

Triple Self-Portrait - Norman Rockwell - 1960

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Artwork Information

TitleTriple Self-Portrait
ArtistNorman Rockwell
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions44 1/2 x 34 3/4 in.
Art MovementRegionalism
Current LocationThe Norman Rockwell Museum at Stockbridge
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About Triple Self-Portrait

Norman Rockwell’s Triple Self-Portrait is a painting that features a triple image of the artist at work, as a portrait on the canvas, and as a reflection in the mirror. The painting was created in 1960 and appeared on the cover of The Saturday Evening Post, reflecting Rockwell’s humor and humility. Rockwell was previously reluctant to make himself the subject of a cover, but had previously appeared in cameo roles.

The artwork is a representation of Rockwell’s art as a reflection of America, with all of America reflected in his illustrations. His idealized image of American whites is portrayed consistently in his artwork. Triple Self-Portrait was used to introduce the first chapter of Rockwell’s autobiography, My Adventures as an Illustrator (1960), and has become a timeless favorite of Rockwell collectors, considered a classic for the ages.

The original Triple Self-Portrait sold for 1.3 million at auction in 2017, reflecting the painting’s continued relevance in the art world. Rockwell’s dedication to painting realistic and relatable images of everyday Americans has made him a celebrated American author, painter, and illustrator. Triple Self-Portrait showcases Rockwell’s unique artistic style and continues to be a relevant cultural icon.

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