Trooper Of The Plains (1909) by Frederic Remington

Trooper Of The Plains - Frederic Remington - 1909

Artwork Information

TitleTrooper Of The Plains
ArtistFrederic Remington
Current LocationAmon Carter Museum, Fort Worth
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About Trooper Of The Plains

Trooper of the Plains is a bronze sculpture created by Frederic Remington in 1909 as an ode to the mounted soldier of the 1860s. The artwork depicts a uniformed cavalryman riding his horse, with his saber raised high, ready for combat. Remington’s attention to historical detail is evident in the soldier’s attire – including his black felt cap and Jefferson boots – which conform to military fashion during the Civil War years.

Aside from his sculptures, Remington also completed over seventy paintings exploring technical and aesthetic difficulties of painting darkness before he passed away at age forty-eight. In particular, his nocturnes were filled with color and light such as moonlight or firelight, which helped create depth and contrast in his works.

Despite living a short life, Remington left behind an impactful legacy on American Western art. His famous artwork Trooper of the Plains serves as a prime example of this impact by commemorating an era in history through stunning visual representations.

In conclusion, Frederic Remington’s Trooper Of The Plains exemplifies not only accurate portrayals but also unique perspectives on moments of American history. Through both sculptures and paintings like Trooper Of The Plains by Frederic Remington presents emblematic attributes that fans today still appreciate just as much as when it was first introduced over a century ago.

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