Tu que no puedes (1797-98) by Francisco Goya

Tu que no puedes - Francisco Goya - 1797-98

Artwork Information

TitleTu que no puedes
ArtistFrancisco Goya
MediumEtching with aquatint
Dimensions20.7 x 15.1 cm

About Tu que no puedes

Tu que no puedes is a famous print from Francisco Goya’s Los Caprichos series, which was created in 1799. This caricature is number 42 out of 80 and was made using etching and burnished aquatint on handmade verjurado paper. Goya, a notable Spanish painter and printmaker, lived from 1746 to 1828 and was known for his exploration of monsters and fantasy themes.

The meaning behind Tu que no puedes remains somewhat ambiguous, with many interpretations put forth. Some believe that the figure depicted in the print represents an unscrupulous individual who cannot accept responsibility for their actions. Others suggest that it symbolizes the oppressive nature of Spanish society during this time period.

The Royal Academy of Arts and the Davison Art Center at Wesleyan University are among multiple collections that hold this piece. Although not as well-known as some of Goya’s other works, such as his famous painting Guernica, Tu que no puedes gives viewers a glimpse into the artist’s unique style and exploration of themes during this era in art history.

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