Two athletes (Roman Art)

Two athletes - Roman Art -

Artwork Information

TitleTwo athletes
ArtistRoman Art
Current LocationVatican Museums, Rome

About Two athletes

This work is part of the History of Rome series from the Buen Retiro Palace, which is dedicated to depictions of Roman public pastimes. This includes scenes of athletes, gladiators, chariots, animal fights, as well as mock sea battles. The overall theme of this work is to provide a comprehensive overview of Roman art in the style of a guide through the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Collection.

The first piece we will discuss is called Two Athletes – Roman Art. This piece features two young men in the middle caught up in an enthusiastic embrace surrounded by animal spectators on all sides. Depicted in dark tones with clear details and distinct forms; this symbolizes a momentous event further tying it to its classical Roman origins.

The second piece that we’ll look at is called Seated Boxer – Roman Art. This piece shows a boxer resting after his bout with weights scattered at his feet and a crowd cheering him on outside the ring. The sculpture is carved out of marble making it appear fragile yet strong like its subject matter presented within traditional classical conventions concerning compositions and architectures.

Ultimately, these two examples are just two among many amazing pieces that illustrate one’s journey through Roman art with The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Collection taking pride and providing an unparalleled level of quality and insight. Through carefully chosen styles and topics, these works evoke various impressions from their viewers making them both timeless and relevant for now just like during ancient times.

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