Two Figures (1954-55) by Barbara Hepworth

Two Figures - Barbara Hepworth - 1954-55

Artwork Information

TitleTwo Figures
ArtistBarbara Hepworth
Dimensions54 in
Current LocationCollection Mr and Mrs Solomon Byron Smith, Lake Forest, Illinois

About Two Figures

Barbara Hepworth’s Two Figures sculpture, created in 1954-55, showcases her fusion of geometry and nature through an exploration of the relationship between two living things. The sculpture is made of teak wood and paint, weighs over 900lbs, and measures more than three feet in width, depth, and height. The monumental piece is part of a series that Hepworth created around 1952-4 to represent this theme.

Hepworth was a leading figure in the colony of Modernist artists who resided in St Ives during the First and Second World Wars. Her artwork exemplifies modern sculpture with its focus on geometric forms that interact with the natural world. Two Figures (Menhirs) highlights Hepworth’s interest in the interaction between interior and exterior forms by presenting a dynamic interplay between negative and positive spaces.

Apart from Two Figures (Menhirs), another masterpiece that showcases Hepworth’s sculptural skills is Corinthos. This artwork explores how internal volumes can be merged with external forms to create unique shapes that are both visually stunning and harmonious on an aesthetic level. Through these artworks, we can see how Barbara Hepworth managed to bridge geometry with nature through her unique approach towards architecture within her statues while also displaying an art form at its purest finest state.

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