Two Girls, Red and Green Background (1947) by Henri Matisse

Two Girls, Red and Green Background - Henri Matisse - 1947

Artwork Information

TitleTwo Girls, Red and Green Background
ArtistHenri Matisse
Art MovementExpressionism

About Two Girls, Red and Green Background

The artwork titled “Two Girls, Red and Green Background” was created by artist Henri Matisse in 1947, marking a contribution to the Expressionism movement. As a genre painting, it portrays everyday scenes of life, capturing the essence of the subject through the lens of the artist’s emotional experience rather than seeking to represent reality with accuracy.

The artwork depicts two girls seated at a table against a vibrant background divided into blocks of red, blue, and green. The tree that rises prominently in the green segment adds an organic touch amidst the geometric divisions of color. Matisse’s signature style is evident in the loose brushwork, bold outlines, and the free use of non-representational color, which convey a sense of spontaneity and emotional force. On the table before the figures, there is a plate with a pattern of blue circles, possibly fruit, alongside a decorated jar containing flowers. The straightforward composition, combined with the emotive use of color and exaggerated features of the subjects, embodies the essence of Expressionism. Matisse’s use of flat areas of color and minimal detail focuses on the emotive effect of the painting, rather than providing a detailed, lifelike depiction of the scene. The inscription of his initials and the year in the lower right corner serves as his signature.

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