Two Models On A Kilim Rug With Mirror (1983) by Philip Pearlstein

Two Models On A Kilim Rug With Mirror - 1983 - by Philip Pearlstein

Artwork Information

TitleTwo Models On A Kilim Rug With Mirror
ArtistPhilip Pearlstein
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions90 x 72 in. (228.6 x 182.9 cm)
Current LocationPrivate Collection
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About Two Models On A Kilim Rug With Mirror

Philip Pearlstein’s oil on canvas painting, “Two Models on a Kilim Rug with Mirror” showcases the artist’s affinity for nude portraiture. The specific dimensions of the painting are unspecified though it is known that Pearlstein often features multiple nude models in complex interiors in his works. In this particular piece, two female models are seen reclining on a kilim rug while gazing into a mirror.

The use of warm tones in the painting creates an inviting and sensual atmosphere, drawing the viewer’s attention to the curves and lines of each model’s body. The composition is intricate but pleasing to the eye, with each object in the room adding depth to the overall scene. In addition to providing aesthetically pleasing imagery, Pearlstein’s work also challenges societal norms around nudity and human form.

Overall, “Two Models on a Kilim Rug with Mirror” demonstrates Philip Pearlstein’s technical skill and artistic vision through its complex composition and use of color. By depicting two nude models in an intimate setting, he raises questions about society’s perception of nudity and offers viewers a new way to consider human form as art.

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