Two Peasants by Adriaen Brouwer

Two Peasants - Adriaen Brouwer -

Artwork Information

TitleTwo Peasants
ArtistAdriaen Brouwer
Dimensions22 x 18 cm
Art MovementBaroque
Current LocationAshmolean Museum, Oxford, UK

About Two Peasants

The artwork entitled “Two Peasants” is a creation of Adriaen Brouwer, a painter renowned for his contributions to the Baroque movement. Executed using oil on wood, the painting measures 22 by 18 centimeters and belongs to the genre of genre painting and tronie. “Two Peasants” can be found within the esteemed collection of the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, United Kingdom.

Examining the artwork, one observes a scene portraying two figures, presumably peasants, depicted in an intimate, closely framed setting. The painting’s palette is restrained, dominated by earthy tones that resonate with the humble social status of the subjects. The prominent figure is seen with expressive features, a trait typical of the tronie genre, which was more focused on capturing facial expressions than on portraying specific individuals. The attire of the peasants is rustic and practical, consistent with the attire of lower-class individuals of the time. Their posture and proximity suggest a moment of repose or perhaps deep conversation, emphasizing the natural realism Brouwer was acclaimed for. Despite the small scale of the painting, Brouwer’s mastery in capturing the human condition is palpable, conveying a scene that is both authentic and emotionally resonant.

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