Two Soldiers And A Serving Woman With A Trumpeter (c. 1654-55) by Pieter De Hooch

Two Soldiers And A Serving Woman With A Trumpeter - c

Artwork Information

TitleTwo Soldiers And A Serving Woman With A Trumpeter
ArtistPieter De Hooch
Datec. 1654-55
MediumOil On Wood
Dimensions30 x 26 in (76 x 66 cm)
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About Two Soldiers And A Serving Woman With A Trumpeter

Pieter de Hooch’s painting, Two Soldiers And A Serving Woman With A Trumpeter, created during the Dutch Golden Age, is an exemplary work of genre painting. The oil on canvas painting depicts officers relaxing in a stable with a serving woman and trumpeter. The artwork showcases de Hooch’s masterful use of light and perspective to create a realistic scene with a strong sense of depth.

In the foreground of the painting, two soldiers sit comfortably in chairs while enjoying refreshments served by a woman. One soldier holds a pipe while the other admires his drink. In the background, through an open door, we see another officer speaking with their horse and a trumpeter positioned to sound his instrument at any moment’s notice. These small details add layers to what otherwise can be perceived as simple.

The muted tones used throughout the painting make it feel grounded in reality rather than being flamboyant. This work also serves as testimony to Pieter de Hooch’s ability to capture everyday life with tasteful realism and diplomacy often absent from paintings from that era that glorified military deeds or patronage connections for wealthy clients.

This artwork is now part of Kunsthaus Zürich’s collection—allowing this masterpiece to continue inspiring future generations who study techniques like composition and tonality within fine art or merely wanting to witness 17th-century social subjects put on canvas by one of its most accomplished artists.

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