Umbrellas (1885 – 1886) by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Umbrellas - Pierre-Auguste Renoir - 1885 - 1886

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ArtistPierre-Auguste Renoir
Date1885 - 1886
Dimensions114.9 x 180.3 cm
Art MovementPost-Impressionism
Current LocationDublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, Dublin, Ireland, National Gallery, London, UK

About Umbrellas

The artwork “Umbrellas” by Pierre-Auguste Renoir dates from 1885-1886 and is executed in oil on canvas, exemplifying Renoir’s engagement with the Post-Impressionist movement. The piece measures 114.9 x 180.3 cm and falls within the category of genre painting. It is currently housed in two locations: the Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane in Dublin, Ireland, and the National Gallery in London, United Kingdom.

In the artwork, the viewer observes a vivid street scene featuring a variety of figures under a cluster of umbrellas, suggesting a moment caught in the rain. The composition is strikingly dense with umbrellas that dominate the upper half of the canvas, hinting at the bustle of urban life and inclement weather. The focal point is on two women in the foreground, as the predominantly grey and blue palette is animated with touches of vibrant color—chiefly on the clothing and adornments of the figures—which enlivens the scene.

A central female figure is dressed in dark clothing, contrasting with the lighter blues and greys that surround her. She looks directly out at the viewer with a forthright expression, anchoring the scene with her poised demeanor. Next to her, a woman with a blue outfit and wearing a hat embellished with flowers carries a parasol, appearing engaged in conversation. A small child stands beside her, contributing to the narrative of daily life and social interaction on display.

Renoir employs fluid brushstrokes and a masterful use of light to capture texture and movement, characteristics that mark his style and contribute to the dynamic atmosphere of the work. “Umbrellas” encapsulates Renoir’s interest in the human figure and social scenes, highlighting his ability to convey the complexity and vibrancy of the human experience through the medium of paint.

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