Un etang a Montfoucault (Mayenne) (1874) by Camille Pissarro

Un etang a Montfoucault (Mayenne) - Camille Pissarro - 1874

Artwork Information

TitleUn etang a Montfoucault (Mayenne)
ArtistCamille Pissarro
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions21 x 25 3/4 in (53.5 x 65.5 cm)
Current LocationPrivate collection

About Un etang a Montfoucault (Mayenne)

Un Etang A Montfoucault (Mayenne) is an oil on canvas painting created by the prominent Impressionist artist Camille Pissarro in 1874. The artwork depicts a pond in Montfoucault with a winter effect, featuring French peasants engaged in their day-to-day life activities. The painting is also known for its distinctive style of the signature impressionist technique.

As one of the most important figures of the Impressionist movement, Pissarro participated in all eight Impressionist exhibitions during his lifetime. He developed a unique style influenced by his interest in social realism, creating art that featured ordinary people and landscapes from his local surroundings. Un Etang A Montfoucault showcases this approach through its portrayal of rural life in Mayenne.

The painting’s current location is Kunstmuseum Basel and can be viewed by anyone who wishes to experience its beauty firsthand. Its intriguing composition highlights the seasonal effect with vibrant colors that contrast against snow-laden trees and fields. Overall, Un Etang A Montfoucault remains an iconic piece not only within Pissarro’s oeuvre but also among important works produced during the famous French art period that was impressionism.

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