Under The Hat (1978) by Francesco Clemente

Under The Hat - Francesco Clemente - 1978

Artwork Information

TitleUnder The Hat
ArtistFrancesco Clemente
MediumGouache On Paper
Dimensions60 x 57 in (152.4 x 144.8 cm)
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About Under The Hat

Francesco Clemente, a contemporary Italian artist, created the painting “Under The Hat” in 1978. The painting is an example of his dreamlike and esoteric style, which explores themes such as sexuality and spirituality. Clemente’s works are characterized by their vibrant colors, use of symbols and portraiture, and intense portrayals of the human figure.

“Under The Hat” was created in the Transavantgarde style, a movement that began in Italy during the late 1970s. It emphasizes traditional techniques such as drawing and painting while using them to express personal experiences and emotions rather than following specific rules or styles.

Clemente’s intense and expressive portrayal of the human body helped to revitalize Italian art beginning in the 1980s. He has had exhibitions of his work at museums worldwide including MOMA (New York), Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris), Galleria d’Arte Moderna (Rome), Irish Museum Of Modern Art (Dublin) And John F Kennedy Center for Performing Arts (Washington DC).

Though he started alone working on Under The Hat, Francesco later worked with artists like Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat on several collaborations at Warhol’s studio, Factory. His early large canvases were shown in London first then Germany & Sweden after they made rounds at galleries’ exhibitions by 1983.

Formal analysis is used by art historians to describe visual properties systematically. In conclusion,”Under The Hat” is a notable piece that shows Francesco Clemente’s unique take on exploring meaningful themes through his artwork with exceptional technical skill that still resonates with viewers years after its creation.

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