Untitled (1984) by Jasper Johns

Untitled - Jasper Johns - 1984

Artwork Information

ArtistJasper Johns
MediumEncaustic on Canvas
Dimensions127 x 190.5 cm (50 x 75")
Current LocationCollection of the Artist

About Untitled

Jasper Johns’ “Untitled” painting, created in 1984, is a prime example of the artist’s signature style. Johns’ playful and enigmatic paintings interrogate the ways in which we see and interpret the world. “Untitled” features his iconic use of common objects as part of his exploration.

The painting comprises a series of fragmented images, including a skull and crossbones, letters from the alphabet, and numbers. The use of bold colors such as blue, green, and orange creates a sense of tension within the piece that enhances its enigmatic nature.

The artwork showcases Johns’ commitment to themes of individuality, playfulness, and intellectual interaction while remaining tight-lipped regarding any possible socio-political associations with his repeated depictions of symbols.

Jasper Johns has been known to create art pieces that challenge traditional artistic boundaries; therefore “Untitled” is no exception. This painting made up his last New York show in 1984 as an explosion in Jasper’s symphonic stocktake is shown throughout it. Like much of Johns’ work before it, this piece broke down customary barriers between fine arts and everyday life effectively creating Pop Art’s groundwork for consumer society adoption.

Several Jasper Johns exhibits have taken place at numerous museums across America—the Art Institute Chicago being one such example—where enthusiasts learn more about Jasper John’s beloved artworks like “Untitled.”

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