Untitled (1996) by Abie Loy Kemarre

Untitled - Abie Loy Kemarre - 1996

Artwork Information

ArtistAbie Loy Kemarre
Art MovementNative Art
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About Untitled

The artwork provided is an untitled piece by artist Abie Loy Kemarre, created in 1996. As part of the Native Art movement, it falls within the abstract genre.

The image shows a canvas densely populated with small, meticulous dots that together create an intricate, shimmering effect. Dominant tones in the piece appear to be warm, earthy shades, with variations in color intensity that may suggest depth or patterns. The meticulous nature of the dot work gives the surface a textured appearance, despite being a two-dimensional piece. It is reminiscent of traditional Aboriginal dot paintings from Australia, where dots are meticulously applied to form symbols, patterns, and representational forms that convey stories and cultural heritage.

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