Untitled (1963) by Alberto Magnelli

Untitled - Alberto Magnelli - 1963

Artwork Information

ArtistAlberto Magnelli
Art MovementAbstract Art

About Untitled

The artwork presented is an “Untitled” piece by Alberto Magnelli, created in 1963. It is part of the Abstract Art movement, and its genre can be classified as abstract. This piece features a composite of geometric lines and shapes, seemingly free-floating over a neutral background. The composition includes various linear elements with black dominating the outlines, interspersed with subtle shades of orange and green. Some shapes suggest being partially overlapped, creating a sense of layered depth. The geometric forms neither depict any recognisable object from the natural world nor follow a strict pattern, allowing for multiple interpretations by the viewer. The gentle coloring and the balance between the shapes and the space around them contribute to an overall harmony within the artwork, despite the absence of a clear subject. The signature and date at the bottom indicate the artist’s acknowledgment of completion in the stated year.

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