Untitled (for cy Twombly) (1988) by Keith Haring

Untitled (for cy Twombly) - Keith Haring - 1988

Artwork Information

TitleUntitled (for cy Twombly)
ArtistKeith Haring
MediumAcrylic On Canvas
Dimensions36x 36 in

About Untitled (for cy Twombly)

Keith Haring’s “Untitled (for Cy Twombly)” is a piece of artwork that was created in 1988. Haring is known for his graffiti-style art and was part of a group of avant-garde New York-based artists who redefined modern art in the 1980s. The artwork represents the graffiti subculture and sexual social activism, which are themes that were prevalent in Haring’s work.

The piece “Untitled (for Cy Twombly)” sold for USD 6,537,500 at an auction, making it the most expensive work by Haring observed so far. It features brightly colored figures intertwined with bold black lines on a white background. These figures represent bodies in motion and convey a sense of movement and energy within the composition.

Haring’s dedication to drawing and experimentation in installation, collage, and video garnered public attention during his career. He engaged with various media and techniques such as drawing, painting, body art, and graffiti to create unique pieces that challenged traditional notions of art. Haring had a circle of famous friends in the art world but was arrested on several occasions for vandalism due to his use of public space as his canvas.

In conclusion,”Untitled (for Cy Twombly)” by Keith Haring is a significant piece of artwork that showcases his distinct style and artistic vision. It reflects the themes prevalent in his work while demonstrating his technical skill with bold colors and dynamic lines that convey movement within its frame. This artwork displays Haring’s commitment to experimenting with different artistic mediums to express himself fully throughout various stages in history until today he remains relevant among modern artists all over the world.”

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