Untitled (1957) by Franz Kline

Untitled - Franz Kline - c.1960

Artwork Information

ArtistFranz Kline
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions200 x 158.5 cm
Art MovementAction painting
Current LocationKunstsammlung Nordrhein
Location Created United States

About Untitled

The artwork “Untitled” by Franz Kline, dating from circa 1960, is an exemplar of the action painting movement, executed using oil on canvas. Its generous dimensions are 200 by 158.5 centimeters, and it currently resides within the collection of Kunstsammlung Nordrhein. As an abstract work, it was created in the United States and embodies the spontaneous and dynamic brushwork characteristic of Kline’s approach.

The artwork presents a vigorous interplay of color and form, with broad strokes and slashes of paint dominating the canvas. Kline utilizes a stark contrast between bold blacks and whites, integrated with patches of primary colors, to create a composition that is both balanced and intense. The lack of a defined subject allows for an open interpretation, encouraging the viewer to engage with the painting on a purely visceral level. The raw energy of the brushwork, typical of the action painting techniques, suggests a performance in the act of painting itself, rather than a preconceived notion of what the painting should represent.

The absence of a title further reinforces the abstract nature of the artwork, refusing to guide or influence the viewer’s perception. Indeed, this untitled piece is a dramatic assertion of the power of color and gesture, a visual testimony to the action painting movement’s impact on the art world, with Kline as one of its most distinguished practitioners.

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