Untitled (1942 – 1944) by Jackson Pollock

Untitled - Jackson Pollock - 1942 - 1944

Artwork Information

ArtistJackson Pollock
Date1942 - 1944
Dimensions50.7 x 33.5 cm
Art MovementAbstract Expressionism
Current LocationScottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh, UK

About Untitled

The artwork “Untitled” by Jackson Pollock, created between 1942 and 1944, is a fine example of Abstract Expressionism. It employs a mix of mediums, including oil, pen, ink, watercolor, and paper. The dimensions of the artwork are modest, measuring 50.7 by 33.5 centimeters. Despite its abstract nature, this piece is categorized as figurative. It is housed in the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, located in Edinburgh, UK.

The artwork displays a dynamic composition with a variety of colors distributed across the surface, featuring gestural brushstrokes and splatters that are characteristic of Pollock’s style during this period. Black appears to be a dominant color, with organic and linear shapes intermingling. Splashes of red, yellow, and blue contribute to the sense of movement and chaos, while white spaces offer a stark contrast and a sense of cohesion amidst the seemingly random placement of elements. The technique suggests a sense of spontaneity and the influence of subconscious thought, hallmarks of the Abstract Expressionist movement to which Pollock contributed significantly.

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