Untitled (1978) by Jasper Johns

Untitled - Jasper Johns - 1978

Artwork Information

ArtistJasper Johns
Art MovementAbstract Expressionism

About Untitled

The artwork entitled “Untitled” was created by the artist Jasper Johns in 1978. It reflects the principles of Abstract Expressionism, an art movement that emphasizes spontaneous or subconscious creation. This genre of the artwork is abstract, which denotes a departure from accurate representation; it seeks to illustrate an idea, emotion, or some other intrinsic quality through non-figurative forms and varying degrees of independence from visual reality.

This abstract piece presents an assemblage of what appear to be hatch marks or linear brushstrokes arranged in tightly woven patterns that cover the entirety of the canvas. These marks are organized into horizontally stratified sections, each defined by a distinct and vibrant color scheme. The top section is dominated by warm orange tones highlighted by dark intersections, conveying a sense of dense interlacing. Directly beneath, the central band features a cooler green palette, creating a visual counterpoint to the warmth above it. The third and last section at the bottom displays a collection of yellow and dark, almost black strokes, infusing the artwork with a bold contrast in both color and intensity. This systematic yet dynamic interplay of color and form generates a rhythmic visual texture that invites the observer to explore the intricate relationships between the layers.

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