Untitled (1984) by Keith Haring

Untitled - Keith Haring - 1981

Artwork Information

ArtistKeith Haring
Dimensions120 x 180 in
Art MovementNeo-Expressionism
Current LocationPrivate collection

About Untitled

The artwork titled “Untitled,” created by Keith Haring in 1981, is an exemplary representation of the Neo-Expressionist art movement. This figurative piece spans a significant size of 120 x 180 inches and presently resides in a private collection.

The artwork exemplifies Haring’s distinctive style, characterized by bold lines and a dynamic composition that unites a series of figures and symbols across the canvas. A vibrant contrast is achieved through the use of a two-tone color palette. The figures depicted engage in a variety of actions, some with raised arms or in animated poses, suggesting movement and interaction. Iconic to Haring’s visual lexicon, the figures include a radiant baby, barking dogs, and flying saucers, among others. Patterns and rhythms within the piece create an energetic flow, which, along with the symbols and figures, may allude to broader social and political messages, as Haring was known for his activism through art. The artwork’s complexity and lively aesthetics capture the observer’s attention, encouraging contemplation of its underlying themes and the artist’s intentions.

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