Untitled (1985) by Keith Haring

Untitled - Keith Haring - 1981

Artwork Information

ArtistKeith Haring
MediumAcrylic on Canvas
Dimensions48 x 48 in
Art MovementNeo-Expressionism
Current LocationPrivate collection

About Untitled

The artwork “Untitled” created in 1981 by artist Keith Haring is an exemplary piece of Neo-Expressionism, a movement that gained prominence in the late 20th century. Haring’s piece, executed in acrylic on canvas, measures 48 by 48 inches and possesses a figurative genre. As it resides in a private collection, it reflects the exclusivity and the personal value placed upon it by the collector.

Upon examination of the artwork, one is immediately struck by the powerful contrast of the bright, bold lines against the dark background. The piece is marked by distinct, energetic figures, and symbols that are characteristic of Haring’s unique visual lexicon. The artist employs a limited color palette, which enhances the graphic intensity and the immediacy of the images. Figures seem to be in motion, evoking a sense of dynamic activity and interaction. Abstracted and rhythmic, the lines and shapes interplay to form a complex, interconnected composition that suggests themes of community, technology, and perhaps an undercurrent of social or political commentary. As is typical of Haring’s work, the artwork is accessible yet profound, inviting interpretation from a broad audience while retaining a deep-seated engagement with the cultural and artistic dialogues of its time.

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