Untitled (1954) by Pablo Picasso

Untitled - Pablo Picasso - 1954

Artwork Information

ArtistPablo Picasso
Dimensions92 x 73 cm
Art MovementNeoclassicism

About Untitled

The artwork in question is an untitled piece by the renowned artist Pablo Picasso, created in the year 1954. It was rendered using charcoal and oil on canvas, and its dimensions are 92 by 73 centimeters. Although Picasso is often associated with Cubism, this particular work aligns with the Neoclassical movement, and it falls under the genre of portraiture.

The artwork depicts a profile view of a seated individual, presumably a woman based on the hairstyle and facial features. The figure is elegantly posed in what appears to be an armchair, imbued with a sense of poise and refinement. The use of chiaroscuro is evident, with the interplay of light and shadow contributing to the three-dimensionality of the subject. The characteristics of Neoclassicism are reflected in the clear, defined lines and classical representation of the human form. The artist’s control of the medium is visible in the smooth gradations of tone and the precision of the depicted details, such as the sitter’s attire and the contours of her face. Despite the image’s relative simplicity, there’s a compelling depth to the subject’s gaze and the overall serenity of the scene, which invites contemplation.

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