Untitled (1968) by Pablo Picasso

Untitled - Pablo Picasso - 1968

Artwork Information

ArtistPablo Picasso
Art MovementExpressionism

About Untitled

The artwork “Untitled,” created by Pablo Picasso in 1968, is an aquatint on paper and a part of the 156 Series by the artist. It exemplifies the Expressionist movement and is classified as a genre painting, which is a form of art depicting scenes of everyday life.

In the artwork, Picasso presents a scene with a range of characters in varying states of abstraction and detail. On the left, one observes a figure with a fragmented, almost cubist appearance, while centrally there is a more defined, though still abstract, figure of a nude woman, captured with minimalistic lines and shading. Adjacent to her stands a child-like figure, depicted with a darker, more texturized technique, giving the appearance of density and depth to the character. To the right, a taller figure wearing what appears to be a hat is rendered with a combination of solid forms and sketchy, almost dissolving contours. The interplay of dense and sparse areas of ink suggests a dynamism and movement within the otherwise static composition. The varying degrees of definition among the figures may reflect Picasso’s exploration of the human form and the expression of character through line and texture. Each figure, although different in their articulation, contributes to the narrative suggested by their coexistence in this shared space.

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