Untitled (Pharmacy) (1943) by Joseph Cornell

Untitled (Pharmacy) - Joseph Cornell - 1943

Artwork Information

TitleUntitled (Pharmacy)
ArtistJoseph Cornell
Dimensions15 1/4 x 12 x 3 1/8 in.
Art MovementSurrealism
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About Untitled (Pharmacy)

Joseph Cornell’s Untitled (Pharmacy) is a box construction piece that dates back to 1943. The artwork is an assemblage of wood, glass, mirror, shells, sand, printed paper, coral, cork, feather, metal and liquid. Its dimensions are 15 1/5 × 12 × 3 1/10 in | 38.7 × 30.5 × 7.9 cm and it belongs to the Surrealism style.

Cornell was recognized as a champion of assemblage art and was strongly influenced by the Surrealist movement. His art often utilized found objects that transported viewers on curious journeys into his imagination. Cornell was also a pioneering experimental filmmaker who improvised his original style to create works inspired by fairy tales and the stars.

Untitled (Pharmacy) was created with site-specificity in mind and displayed for the first time in a show in 1992after its creation almost half a century earlier. The artwork features cabinets with pharmaceutical drugs mixed together with other intriguing objects behind glass panels.

Cornell grew up in an exceptional artistic family where he enjoyed affectionate relationships; this may have been responsible for shaping some aspects of his creative expression that often focused on childhood whimsy and fantasy elements blended together with sarcasm.

Overall Untitled (Pharmacy) is an intricate sculpture showcasing Joseph Cornell’s mastery of found object assemblage techniques that reward viewers willing to explore its secrets deeply; it’s within their discovery shall one receive into great rewards concerning interpretation about Joseph Cornell’s passion for surrealism and fostering imagination through playfulness juxtaposed against arcane delights.

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