Upper Body of Christ (1508) by Albrecht Durer

Upper Body of Christ - Albrecht Durer - 1508

Artwork Information

TitleUpper Body of Christ
ArtistAlbrecht Durer
Art MovementNorthern Renaissance

About Upper Body of Christ

The artwork “Upper Body of Christ” is a creation by Albrecht Dürer from the year 1508. Crafted on paper, this piece is attributed to the Northern Renaissance art movement and can be classified as a sketch and study. It forms part of Dürer’s studies for the “Heller Altarpiece.”

The sketch depicts a detailed and muscular upper torso of a male figure, who is presumed to represent Christ. The figure’s right arm is extended forward with the hand pointing or gesturing, which might be indicative of a particular narrative or symbolic meaning within the context of the Heller Altarpiece. The figure’s musculature is meticulously rendered with careful shading and contours that highlight the artist’s grasp of human anatomy. The left arm is draped with a fluttering piece of cloth that adds a sense of movement to the otherwise static pose.

Notable in the artwork is Dürer’s signature and the date, “1508,” which are inscribed near the top, indicating his pride in authorship and the significance of the work. The overall detail suggests that this study was not only a preparatory work but also an opportunity for Dürer to showcase his skill in creating lifelike textures and forms on paper.

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