Utah 84 (1976) by Aaron Siskind

Utah 84 - Aaron Siskind - 1976

Artwork Information

TitleUtah 84
ArtistAaron Siskind
Art MovementAbstract Expressionism
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About Utah 84

Aaron Siskind was an American photographer known for his signature black-and-white photos of surfaces and objects. His style, which he called “the making of photographs as visual poems,” focuses on the details of things presented as flat surfaces to create a new image independent of the original subject. Utah 84 is one of his most famous works, created in 1976 in the abstract expressionism style. Utah 84 is a gelatin silver print measuring 9 x 9 inches (24.1 x 24.1 cm) and is signed by the artist. The photo features rows of linear shapes that overlap and intersect each other to create an ethereal, almost mystical effect. Through this work, Siskind conveys qualities of expression that came from his experience with music and literature. Siskind was closely involved with the abstract expressionist movement and was friends with painters like Franz Kline. Like many abstract expressionists, he saw art as a way to express inner emotions while distancing himself from literal representation. In sum, Utah 84 by Aaron Siskind combines elements of abstractionism with aspects present in quietude images or photographs seeking introspection through surface fragmentation based purely on geometry or shape analysis rather than the portrayal itself.

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