Uzun Yuruyus (Long March) (1956) by Abidin Dino

Uzun Yuruyus (Long March) - Abidin Dino - 1956

Artwork Information

TitleUzun Yuruyus (Long March)
ArtistAbidin Dino
Art MovementAbstract Expressionism,Surrealism
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About Uzun Yuruyus (Long March)

The artwork titled “Uzun Yuruyus (Long March)” was created by artist Abidin Dino in 1956. Dino’s piece is recognized as part of the Abstract Expressionism and Surrealism movements and is considered to be within the figurative genre.

The painting depicts abstract figures seemingly in motion, arrayed across what appears to be a series of platforms or levels. The figures are rendered in a loose, gestural style, typical of Abstract Expressionism, capturing the essence of movement rather than detailed anatomy. Surrealist elements are present in the dreamlike composition, which defies a literal interpretation and may invoke a more personal, subconscious association within the viewer. The color palette is limited, dominated by earthy tones with contrasting touches of light, contributing to the artwork’s evocative and enigmatic quality. It suggests a narrative or a journey, yet leaves the specific interpretation to the imagination.

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