Ventriloquist (ULAE 235) by Jasper Johns

Ventriloquist (ULAE 235) - Jasper Johns -

Artwork Information

TitleVentriloquist (ULAE 235)
ArtistJasper Johns
Art MovementPop Art

About Ventriloquist (ULAE 235)

The artwork titled “Ventriloquist (ULAE 235)” was created by the artist Jasper Johns, who is associated with the Pop Art movement. This piece falls under the genre of figurative art, which implies that the work includes representational forms or figures.

The artwork presents a complex interplay of objects, textures, and symbols integrated into a single composition. Dominant in the artwork is a structural motif reminiscent of a shuttered window or partition, centrally located and saturated with stripes of green against a yellow backdrop with hexagonal patterns. Surrounding this are other elements, including cups that appear to be suspended against a background with diverse textures and colors, suggesting a collage-like assemblage. The backdrop itself is reminiscent of wood grain or a wooden structure with artistic, abstract renditions of fixtures or attachments, possibly handles or holders. The overall work is marked by an experimental juxtaposition of familiar objects in an unfamiliar context, challenging the viewer’s perception and encouraging a deeper analysis of the relationship between the items, their representation, and their function within the artwork’s plane. The use of color is not uniform, indicating depth and dimension through a variety of tones and shades. Each element within the artwork contributes to an intended visual dialogue, characteristic of Jasper Johns’ distinctive approach to figurative art within the Pop Art movement.

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