Venus and Cupid with a Partridge (c. 1550) by Titian

Venus and Cupid with a Partridge - Titian - c. 1550

Artwork Information

TitleVenus and Cupid with a Partridge
Datec. 1550
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions139 x 195 cm
Current LocationGalleria degli Uffizi, Florence
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About Venus and Cupid with a Partridge

Venus And Cupid With A Partridge is a painting created by Italian artist Titian circa 1550. This artwork depicts a female nude figure reclining in the Venetian style, alongside Cupid and a partridge. It is believed that the majority of the painting was completed by Titian’s workshop, with the artist overseeing the final touches.

This painting is part of a broader theme in Italian art which centers on the goddess Venus and her association with love and sensuality. Titian was particularly known for his depictions of Venus, with his Venus of Urbino painting drawing inspiration from the Dresden Venus by Giorgione.

It is worth noting that there is another painting titled Venus and Cupid, which was created by Italian artist Luca Cambiaso. However, this artwork is distinct from Titian’s work, which is held at the Wallace Collection in London. Overall, Venus And Cupid With A Partridge is an excellent example of the Venetian style and the enduring influence of classical mythology on Western art.

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