Venus Asleep (c. 1510) by Giorgione

Venus Asleep - Giorgione - c. 1510

Artwork Information

TitleVenus Asleep
Datec. 1510
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions108 x 175 cm
Current LocationGemaeldegallerie Alte Meister, Dresden

About Venus Asleep

The Sleeping Venus, an oil on canvas painting by Giorgine, was left uncompleted at the time of Giorgione’s death in 1510. It was then completed by Titian. The painting portrays a life-sized figure of a reclining female nude lying on sheets and resting on a large pillow. The artwork depicts Venus without any characteristics of a religious goddess, demonstrating the beauty of nature. The painting was cutting-edge in 16th century Venice due to the unusual topic of depicting nudes as subjects.

In addition to the depiction of Venus herself, it’s notable that her arm is stretched behind her head, creating a long, continuous slope of body whose curves echo those seen in the landscape behind her. This connection between nature and femininity resonated with audiences who appreciated how well it captured their surroundings at this time.

Critics have widely analyzed and critiqued The Sleeping Venus for its lack of traditional or metaphorical substance. However, beyond being just an ode to feminine beauty during an earlier era, it serves as an important snapshot into art history that showcases how artists took risks by incorporating new subject matter and techniques into their work over time.

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