Venus with a Mirror (c. 1555) by Titian

Venus with a Mirror - Titian - c

Artwork Information

TitleVenus with a Mirror
Datec. 1555
Current LocationNational Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

About Venus with a Mirror

Italian master Titian’s Venus With A Mirror is a notable painting that depicts the goddess of love and beauty with Cupid holding a mirror. The oil on canvas painting, measuring 124.5 x 105.5 cm, exemplifies sensuous and rich colors influenced by Titian’s mentor, Giovanni Bellini. Considered an ideal subject for the goddess of love and beauty, Venus’ portrayal in this artwork illustrates a young woman with blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale complexion in an idealized fashion.

The painting reflects the common practice of choosing subjects from ancient Greek and Roman mythology as portrayed in art during that time. In line with his signature style, Titian composed this painting featuring female portraits among the many he produced throughout his career. The National Gallery of Art houses Venus With A Mirror as part of the Andrew W Mellon Collection.

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