Veronica (1576-79) by El Greco

Veronica - El Greco - 1576-79

Artwork Information

ArtistEl Greco
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions84 x 91 cm
Current LocationMuseo de Santa Cruz, Toledo
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About Veronica

El Greco‚Äôs painting, “La Veronica,” depicts St. Veronica holding the sudary or veil that was used to wipe the face of Jesus on his way to Calvary. According to Christian tradition, the veil bears the true image of Jesus’ face. This painting is one of several versions by El Greco that feature this popular iconographical motif.

Unlike other depictions of St. Veronica, El Greco’s shows her in a kneeling posture, possibly indicating both reverence and submission to divine will. Moreover, “La Veronica” features elongated forms with swirling lines that are characteristic of El Greco’s Mannerist style.

The colors used in this painting are predominantly cool blues and grays with hints of red, reflecting a somber mood that is common in religious works produced during that time period.

El Greco’s depiction of St. Veronica and the Veil shows how he incorporated his own artistic style while making reference to traditional Christian iconography.

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