Victoria Duborg (c.1866) by Edgar Degas

Victoria Duborg - Edgar Degas - c.1866

Artwork Information

TitleVictoria Duborg
ArtistEdgar Degas
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationToledo Museum of Art, Toledo, OH, US

About Victoria Duborg

The artwork “Victoria Dubourg” is an oil on canvas portrait by the renowned artist Edgar Degas, dated circa 1866. This piece reflects the Impressionist movement, noted for its candid portrayal of subjects and its innovation in the use of light and color. The genre of the artwork is a portrait, capturing the essence of the subject with a sense of immediacy and intimacy. Currently, the artwork is housed in the Toledo Museum of Art, located in Toledo, Ohio, United States.

This portrait by Edgar Degas depicts Victoria Dubourg seated, gazing directly at the viewer with an expression that is both attentive and composed. Her attire and the setting appear to be of a middle-class interior, typical of the 19th century. The use of subdued earth tones predominates the composition, with the figure dressed in a simple, voluminous brown dress that cascades into soft folds. The light focal point seems to be a vase of flowers on a mantelpiece or table in the background, introducing a delicate contrast to the otherwise muted colors of the scene. The woman’s hands are gently clasped, resting on her lap, adding to the overall effect of quiet dignity and contemplative calm that characterizes the painting. The artwork is noted for its subtle interplay of light and the soft modeling of the figure within her environment, reflecting Degas’ skillful work during the early part of his career, influenced by the evolving techniques of the Impressionist movement.

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