View from the Farnese Gardens, Rome (1826) by Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot

View from the Farnese Gardens, Rome - Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot - 1826

Artwork Information

TitleView from the Farnese Gardens, Rome
ArtistJean-Baptiste Camille Corot
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions25.1 x 40.6 cm (9 7/8 x 16 in.)

About View from the Farnese Gardens, Rome

View From The Farnese Gardens, Rome is an oil painting created by Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot in 1826. Measuring 9.63 x 15.75 inches, the painting depicts a view of Rome and the Colosseum from the Farnese Gardens, a series of gardens created in 1550 on the Palatine Hill by Cardinal Alessandro Farnese. The painting is noteworthy as it is considered to be a cityscape in the realism genre, which was not common at that time.

Corot’s work references both Neo-Classical tradition and anticipates the plein-air innovations of Impressionism. As such, he is regarded as a pivotal figure in landscape painting. In fact, he also created two other well-known paintings – The Colosseum from Farnese Gardens and Forum from the Farnese Gardens – with different perspectives inspired by this location.

The use of oil on paper mounted on canvas highlights Corot’s mastery of his medium as well as his skillful use of color and brushwork to depict light falling across buildings and foliage within an incredibly tight spatial frame. Today, this artwork belongs to a private collection but has been exhibited at prestigious institutions around the world.

This painting was hand-picked by Corot to represent his works after his death due to its thematic composition uniqueness for that time period; Realist paintings were quite rare during that era where art was dominated by luxury motifs or religious themes. Nonetheless , View From The Farnese Garden remains one of Corot’s masterpieces due to its historical significance with respect to transition art movements towards realism and modernism .

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