View Of Fugit Amor On The Gates Of Hell (1880-1917) by Auguste Rodin

View Of Fugit Amor On The Gates Of Hell - Auguste Rodin - 1880-1917

Artwork Information

TitleView Of Fugit Amor On The Gates Of Hell
ArtistAuguste Rodin

About View Of Fugit Amor On The Gates Of Hell

Fugit Amor is a group sculpture created by Auguste Rodin and is part of The Gates of Hell, a grand composition depicting Dante Alighieri’s vision of Hell. The group depicts two bodies, a man and a woman, acrobatically clinging to each other in the midst of their consuming passion. This scene belongs to the “Circle of the Lustful,” which is part of the second circle in Dante’s Inferno.

The sculpture stands at an impressive six meters high, four meters wide, and one meter deep. It contains 180 figures that reflect Rodin’s deep understanding and fascination with human psychology. Fugit Amor represents the agony faced by those who allow themselves to be ruled by their desires.

Rodin worked on The Gates of Hell for over 20 years but never finished it before his death due to its immense scale and complexity. Despite being unfinished, it contained some notable sculptures like The Thinker, The Kiss, and Ugolino.

One can’t help but admire Rodin’s ability to capture complex emotions through simple yet powerful poses in Fugit Amor. It serves as proof that art possesses unmatched power because it isn’t just a mere depiction but rather an interpretation representing a deeper psychological meaning beyond just what meets our physical eyes.

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