View of Winterswijk (1898 – 1899) by Piet Mondrian

View of Winterswijk - Piet Mondrian - 1898 - 1899

Artwork Information

TitleView of Winterswijk
ArtistPiet Mondrian
Date1898 - 1899
Dimensions52 x 63.5 cm
Art MovementPost-Impressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About View of Winterswijk

The artwork “View of Winterswijk” by Piet Mondrian, created between 1898 and 1899, is a watercolor embodying the Post-Impressionism movement. The piece measures 52 x 63.5 cm and is classified as a landscape genre. This particular piece is part of a private collection.

This artwork portrays a tranquil rural scene with a focus on the landscape of Winterswijk, featuring an expansive view that leads the viewer’s eye towards the horizon. In the foreground, a cow stands by the edge of a body of water, with a figure tending to some hay stacks nearby. The sense of daily life outside of an urban setting is captured in the quiet activity shown. The town is characterized by its low buildings and distinct church spire, and there is a soft glow of the sky transitioning from day to night, indicated by the presence of a crescent moon atop a cloud. Mondrian demonstrates an attention to atmospheric effects and a sense for the placidness of the countryside.

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