View On The Hudson (1865) by John Frederick Kensett

View On The Hudson - John Frederick Kensett - 1865

Artwork Information

TitleView On The Hudson
ArtistJohn Frederick Kensett
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions27 1/2 x 44 1/2 in (69.2 x 112.4 cm)

About View On The Hudson

John Frederick Kensett was a prominent American landscape painter in the second generation of Hudson River School artists. He is best known for his serene and tranquil scenery that balances coastal promontories against glass-smooth water, a balance that is evident in his famous work, “View on the Hudson.” Painted in 1865, this piece depicts an expansive view of the Hudson River as seen from West Point.

In “View on the Hudson,” Kensett used sparse geometric forms to create a harmonious composition. The painting’s blue and green hues give it a dreamlike quality while also creating depth within the image. The light, serene surface of the river reflects Kensett’s fascination with luminism and celestially inspired natural forms without resorting to overt spirituality.

Kensett made several studies of the Lake George area, which may have influenced his masterwork “View on The Hudson.” As a member of the National Art Commission and founder of The Metropolitan Museum Of Art, he was an influential figure in American art history. His work continues to be widely shown; for instance, this particular painting is part of Walter Chrysler Jr.’s renowned collection at Chrysler Museum Of Art in Virginia.

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