Vincenzo Morosini (c. 1580) by Tintoretto

Vincenzo Morosini - Tintoretto - c. 1580

Artwork Information

TitleVincenzo Morosini
Datec. 1580
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions85.3 x 52.2 cm
Current LocationNational Gallery, London

About Vincenzo Morosini

Vincenzo Morosini was a prominent Venetian official belonging to one of the city’s wealthiest and oldest families. The portrait, painted in c. 1580 by Jacopo Tintoretto, is part of the National Gallery’s collection in London. Morosini wears an embroidered stole over his outfit that represents his membership in the Venetian order of knighthood.

Tintoretto was a quintessential Venetian artist who rarely left the city and had numerous commissions for public and religious artworks during his career. The painting underwent technical analysis; its medium is oil on canvas, with dimensions measuring 85.3 × 52.2 cm.

Morosini depicted himself in a mannerist style typical of late Renaissance art, evoking noble grace and poise through carefully composed poses and exaggerated gestures. Interestingly, Tintoretto painted this portrait not long after being released from prison for allegedly uttering blasphemies against the Church’s doctrines.

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