Viola (ULAE 117) by Jasper Johns

Viola (ULAE 117) - Jasper Johns -

Artwork Information

TitleViola (ULAE 117)
ArtistJasper Johns
Art MovementNeo-Dada

About Viola (ULAE 117)

“Viola (ULAE 117)” is an abstract artwork by Jasper Johns, a figure associated with the Neo-Dada movement. This particular work employs a minimalistic and abstract approach, characteristic of Johns’ exploration of visual language and its meanings.

The artwork presents a predominantly gray, textural background, with drips and variations in the surface suggesting a depth and complexity beneath its seemingly simple façade. A central feature of the composition is a boxlike structure or frame, shaded with subtle tonal variations, creating a sense of three-dimensional space. Directly beneath this form, the word “VIOLA” is prominently displayed in capitalized letters that appear to be stenciled onto the surface, hinting at layers of interpretation or significance beyond the visual. To the right of the composition, divorced from the central form by a substantial gap, is a representation of a fork and spoon crossed over one another — the kind of everyday objects often found in Johns’ work, imbued with a new, enigmatic context. Together, these elements evoke a feeling of deliberate placement and studied contemplation, inviting the viewer to consider their interrelationships and the possible narratives they might suggest.

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